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Whale Watching - Updated Sightings

Warrnambool Whales 2016

Sightings are subject to change quickly - we attempt to update the page with the latest confirmed sightings in a timely manner.

Warrnambool's main viewing platform is the Logans Beach Whale viewing platform at Logans Beach Road.

20 Aug 2016 10.10am - Mother and calf close in at Logans Beach.
15 Aug 2016 11.45 - 2 whales still being viewed at the whale viewing platform, Logans Beach.

10am - 2 whales sighted passing by Logans Beach
7 Aug 2016 3pm - 1 whale sighted at Logans Beach
5 Aug 2016 No whale sightings at Logans Beach since 30th Jul 2016
30 Jul 2016 1 whale sighted at Logans Beach
21 Jul 2016 1pm 2 whales at Thunder Point heading east.
18 Jul 2016 Cow and calf at Logans Beach this morning, east of the platform.
11 Jul 2016 11.30am - Southern Right Whale at Logans Beach.
10 Jul 2016 11.15 am - 1 Whale sighted at Logans Beach,
8 Jul 2016 11.15am - 2 whales sighted from Logans Beach platform.
7 Jul 2016 2pm - 3 whales sighted at Thunder Point lookout heading east.
1 Jul 2016 1.30pm - 3 whales sighted at Point Ritchie lookout.
30 Jun 2016 Waiting for whales to arrive - no sightings yet
18 Jun 2016

Whales have not arrived as yet. Will update as soon as we have our first sighting.

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What will you see at Logans Beach?

Logans Beach whale viewing platform is an area that whales stay for the winter.

The resident mother whales stay most of winter as they raise their calves ready for the voyage south to Antarctica in September/October.

The whales are usually visible from the shore. The viewing platform is free of charge and always open - bring binoculars and wear warm clothing, wheelchair friendly.

The nearest toilet block is at Bluehole Road, 1.5 kilometres from Logans Beach.


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The normal pattern for Warrnambool whales is for them to explore around the coast for a few days and then start heading to Logans Beach Warrnambool. Once the Logans Beach area has been 'scouted' by the mother whale they go back out to sea and have their calf.

They then return to Logans Beach Warrnambool to care for their whale calf through winter before returning to the southern oceans in September and October.

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Visitor Information

Visitor Information

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